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CyanogenMod 7 | Nike +

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1 CyanogenMod 7 | Nike + em Sab Jul 07, 2012 3:14 pm

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Club ►

Tested | CyanogenMod 7
The application of the Nike + is now available for Android.
If you use the rom CyanogenMod 7, android 2.3, you can use the application without problems!
APK done in the central building RomSandroid.
Download and install
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RomSandroid PLAY : <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

- From track to track, GPS and accelerometer of your phone record your distance, speed and time path with precision. You get audio feedback during the race and know their metrics for each kilometer traveled. You do not lose focus.

- Receive incentives from their Facebook friends in real time by posting the beginning of a race. Check your friends who joined you in a race map and share your trip with friends and family.

- What is the music that inspires you? Set your PowerSongs and give a gas to their races with just one touch.

- Summary of Our race simplifies the way you view your route, indicates how he felt, indicating the ground and enters the information on the weather.

- Turn the phone while watching the race and see Summary of the division of his run for miles to kilometers.

- See the comparison between his last race and the previous seven and receive updated information based on the last activity whenever the application starts.

- Drag the home screen up and see their next moves. Choose your PowerSong or challenge their own records, there is always something new to turn their racing experiences ever better.

- View data from their racing side by side and check your progress on a graph with its history.

- Synchronize your runs with to check their maps on the big screen, set new goals and find the Nike + Main routes in your area. Check it out.

- Also, you can enter the footwear used. Enter the name of running shoes and track the distance that has been used to determine the right time to change. For you, is never time to stop ... but see if there is time to retire your shoes.

- Need even more motivation? Add a widget to the home screen of your phone to show when it was his last race, the total distance traveled or start a new run even faster.

- Some features like racing and Share Cheer for me, requires that the user is connected to a wireless network to get full functionality. Your continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life.

NOTE: We have planned many updates including new optimization features and fixes.

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